Games Looking for Players

Hello, my fellow gamers! I have a number of GMs looking for players.

First off, I have Andi, looking for players for Legacy of the Theater Knights, using The Dark Eye system. Interested parties will find the game listed under Das Schwartze Auge. This is a beginner-friendly game, and anyone with an interest should get in touch either through PM or Discord.

Next up, I have Croiduire, looking for players for Orbs of the Dead Gods and REFUGE, both listed under AD&D 2e. She has space for new characters, and a few premade characters that can be adopted. Interested parties should get in touch with her either via PM or through Discord.

I believe Sean is still looking for players for The Grande Temple of Jing; using Pathfinder 1e. The game is listed under Pathfinder; and should be easy to find. I don't know what, exactly, Sean is looking for, but I suspect there are premade characters available.

Finally, I have reason to believe that Demagor is restarting The Favorite, and is looking for characters to fill out the party. The Favorite is listed in the 3.5e section, and uses that system in a homebrew setting. Interested parties can get in touch with Demagor via PM, or in Discord.

If one of these games interests any of you, please feel free to come over to the Portal and check them out.