Just a little update

While waiting for Andi to finish working on the back end, my attempts to pull some of the frames out of the Portal has been stalled. So, in the meantime, I've taken the time to revamp the character gallery a little bit, and make it a little easier to sort images.

Let me know what you think; your feedback is important, and I'd love to hear it. Especially if you are using a browser other than Chrome or Firefox; I can only test on what I have available to me.

If you want to request images beyond the generic additions; please check out our Patreon; just $10 a month lets you request something specific, once a month, and gives you access to a special section of our Discord.

That being said, if you have a little bit to spare, consider supporting one of the many artists and other creators who are now depending on commission work. A lot of them are out of work right now, and could use the help. As always, if you don't have it to spare, please don't feel obliged to give it.