Folks! Croiduire is looking for players for Orbs of the Dead Gods, in AD&D 2e.

Orbs of the Dead God is looking for Alcanti and Goblins! Orbs is an ancient, vaguely AD&D 2e-ish game, but like a soup kettle that has simmered for twenty years, it now has a little bit of everything in the broth--1e, 2e: PO, 3e/Pathfinder, GURPS, and a lot of homebrew. Here are two of the Alcanti who need players: Fenrir and Uduak. These characters have been briefly played, but can definitely still be personalised. The goblin Runga Kaulusadalitaja  most in need of a player has never met the main party; if anyone is interested, I will send all previous posts to provided cultural background, but his personality is effectively available to mould as desired. However, here ( is info on goblin culture that must be respected.  Please let me know if you're interested!