The Gallery is up!

The character gallery is up and running!

Yes, you read that right; the image gallery, or a decent seed thereof, is up and running. Anyone who'd like to see what's there right now should take a look in the Games section of the Citizen's Menu.

While I was poking around in the website development end anyway, I went ahead and did a little HTML housekeeping. While necessary, it should not be obvious that I cleaned up . If we did release a few extra bugs, let us know where you found them, and what you were doing, and we'll get them stomped.

As a side note, remember that you guys can request specific additions to the gallery, rather than wait for me to add something that might be close. Patrons - those who support us via Patreon - get a bit of a discount for my usual commission prices. Call it incentive, or just a little value for your contributions, should you choose to make them.

As always, don't throw money at us if you don't have it to spare.