Rondak's Portal Mk 2

I am still working on this, or rather, on some of the infrastructure behind it. I know, it’s whistling in the wind without anything to show. So, for now, I wanted to discuss how I envision the web page to be built. I am seeing the Portal to have a handful of major components:

1) Identity server – this will enable native logins with user credentials stored on Rondak’s Portal, and map external users to Portal users. Yes, the mention of external users means I still plan on integrating outside authentication, probably Google and Microsoft / Office 365 to start.
2) API server – this will moderate access to the database, so I do not have to give an internet-facing web page credentials to the DB. It will also, in theory, make it easier to create other UIs – think mobile-optimized pages or even an Android or desktop application.
3) Web page – the presentation front end.

I have no idea whether getting into the technical weeds would interest anybody, but I would absolutely welcome commentary, feedback, being contacted about what I am doing and how. If you are interested in more detailed writeups of my thinking and work on this, please, let me know.