Hello, fellow Portalites! I have a new collection of shiny for you to look over, some new games, new terrain, some gorgeous miniatures – and a setting teaser to go with them – and some more goodies on Aventuria, the setting that goes with The Dark Eye.
Onward; beneath the cut!

Battlesystems Limited Presents: Core Space
“Core Space is a deluxe fully modular three dimensional board game for 1 to 6 players. The game can be played as single missions or campaigns with each player in charge of a team of traders, their sole objective, to survive in a dangerous galaxy! ” – so says the beginning blurb on this Kickstarter.
Me, I’m looking at this and thinking, ‘Gee, I could use all that terrain for Battletech/Starwars/Firefly RPs’ … A little bit of tweaking, and this game could see a lot of extra time on the tables, above and beyond the obvious, and there is a pledge level that would let you just get the terrain. Miniature enthusiasts might rather grab the whole thing; the renders shown for the stretch goal miniatures are tempting on their own.
Into the Unknown Presents: Aeon Trespass
Aeon Trespass: Nymphs is a beautiful series of pin-up style miniatures inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre. Each Nymph is a highly detailed resin miniature in the 32mm scale – perfect for painters, collectors and war gamers alike – and comes with a scenic base, an art print and a hand-numbered authenticity note, everything enclosed in hand-stamped craft box. This Kickstarter is a limited collector’s run, which means the miniatures may not be available outside the campaign or, if they are available, they will be released as an unnumbered Encore edition.”
These are, in a word, beautiful. While I have no idea who might paint for display (I generally do not, but I am very tempted to get one of these and start), I believe in sharing the love.
In the interest of full disclosure, these are from a setting in the works; there may be more material and the like coming down the pipe at a later date.
Ulisses Spiele Presents: Aventuria Compendium
Anyone else hooked on the Dark Eye? Ulisses Spiele is putting out even more goodies for the setting and system.
Experience The Dark Eye and its ENnie-Award winning setting Aventuria in even greater depth with the Aventuria Compendium.
Whether your characters prefer weapons or words, the Compendium gives your heroes exciting new options for interacting with the world of The Dark Eye! As a player, choose the rules that you like best. Options can apply to all characters or even just to one—you decide how you want to play!
They haven’t failed to put out a nice looking book yet; we’ve been very pleased with the results of the last couple of kickstarters; and my experience with the system, limited as it is, has been promising.