Hey, fellow Portalites!
The holidays are coming up …. like winter, the holidays are coming. Kickstarter might not be an ideal way to do one’s holiday shopping, but some of us do like to plan ahead for coming years. I found you some nifty game-related toys, and even a comic printing to dead-tree for you, or the science-fiction lover in your life. Take a look. Remember, I post what catches my eye; so if something’s caught your eye, and you think others might need to know, post a link in the comments, or start a thread in the forums!
And now, onward, to the Kickstarters I have found!

Garth Graham Presents: Star Power and the Lonely War
Has anyone not heard of Star Power?
Well, if you have heard of it, or just started reading it, or haven’t heard of it… this is a good time to get hooked. I’m just going to quote the creators for why; “The brain child of veteran webcomickers Michael Terracciano (Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire) and Garth Graham (Comedity, Finder’s Keepers), Star Power is everything you’ve ever loved about science fiction and super-heroic derring-do.”
Go take a look. They’ve created a fascinating world, and it’s well worth the time.
Smirking Dragon Presents: RPG Tablecloth II
So, this is a battlemat that is a tablecloth. They have had a successful Kickstarter in the past, and they’re doing another one with new designs.
I am  intrigued. These mats can be drawn on with chalk – tailor’s chalk – which they have as addons, if you don’t happen to possess some already. I’m thinking they can also use loose terrain pieces to show hallways, rooms and corridors. The mats can be wiped down, they can be thrown in the wash, they can be /folded up/ without getting crease marks the way the otherwise glorious battle mats do … the possibilities seem boundless.
Wayward Masquerade Presents: Dragon Bagons, CR10 dragon dice bags
If you have a dragon fanatic in your life, and you have patience… perhaps one of these dragon dice bags would make them a fine gift. Or just get one for yourself.
These are ridiculously cute, and I know of no gamer who would not love them.
In theory, you could fill them with anything non-perishable; dice are just one option.
Remember, Kickstarters often take longer than the creator would like to fulfill; plan for /next year/ when using Kickstarter to purchase holiday gifts.