Hey, guys.

We’re pretty well back in the swing of things. Half the team is ill or recovering, but we’re still at it. Found some good stuff for you to look at, at least, I hope it’s good stuff. Check it out past the cut!

Frog God Games Presents: Rappan Athuk Color Maps.
100+ Rappan Athuk Color Maps- JPEG, PSD for PFRPG, SW,& 5e – this boggles my mind.
Even better! From the KS page: “Want to go a bit deeper down the rabbit hole of creation? Make you own campaigns online? Bought digital maps in the past that you wish were easy to modify? Wanted to have the flexibility of game companies get from professional cartographers? Well then, now you can! All of the reward tiers come with at least 1 full Adobe PSD layered map file (The Mouth of Doom, Level 1C).”
… I don’t know about you, but I’d be all over this with bells on.
Active Minds Games Presents: X-Case Clear Expandable Miniature Display/Transport:
Hokay. So, I got to play with these and their other offerings a little in person at Reapercon; Active Minds was there with examples and I ended up with three of them, because .. well, convenient. And swag bag goodies. I don’t work for these guys, I’m not affiliated with them or Reaper …
These are just really nice cases, a clever system and they really are pretty nearly infinitely expandable. I haven’t tested the wall-mount yet; but if they say they can be wall-mounted, they probably can be. They also carry the necessary bits to magnetize them – strips of magnetic stuff and bits of flex iron. Worth looking into.
Oathsworn Miniatures Presents: Sensible Shoes III:
Oathsworn has been doing Sensible Shoes – sensibly dressed lady adventurers – for two runs. They’ve covered the usual suspects, now they’re on to monstrous ladies. The initial offering includes a Tabaxi, a firbolg, a hobgoblin, a tengu/kenku and a minotaur. I’ve seen examples for tieflings and dragonborn, and Oathsworn makes really /nice/ miniatures.
I’ve jumped on Oathsworn Kickstarters before; they’re fast, their miniatures are glorious and the people behind Oathsworn are good folks. This is definitely worth looking into.