Sadly, I don’t have so much for you this week; there was a transparent mapping thing that I /really wanted to share/ .. but by the time I found it it was looking at thirty hours to go, and that didn’t seem fair to you guys.

So, we have nothing gaming related, because the Starfinder Miniatures kickstarter, while /very/ cool, is, for me, tied up in issues that I find troubling; sufficiently so that I can’t, in good conscience, point you guys at them. There is one, of course; a little judicious hunting on Kickstarter will turn it up, but I won’t link it.

Shaenon Garrity Presents: Narbonic: The Perfect Collection Reprint.
I’mma paint a target on myself and admit I don’t read this one. However, if you do, and you missed the first printing KS, here’s your opportunity to amend that.

John Taylor Presents: The Last Unicorn – Tarot and Oracle Deck,

Oh, my childhood. This is a gorgeous deck, if the pictures are anything to go from, and I feel I would be doing both my childhood and their efforts a disservice if I didn’t share this. I do wish some of the deck art was available as prints; some of those images are really lovely just by themselves.