Kickstarters of Note

Hello, fellow Portalites!
Before I get into the meat of this Kickstarters of Note post, I want to apologise for falling off the internet for the better part of two weeks; it’s been a bit hectic here at Portal Headquarters, and not just because we hied off to ReaperCon.
Either way, we’re back, and have I got some stuff for you guys… brace yourselves, hide your wallets and get the drool buckets ready, because this go ’round, I’mma point you guys at all the best shiny.

Aeon Trespass Presents: Eschaton
So, Aeon Trespass last used Kickstarter to tempt us with Nymphs; with a warning there would be more if the Nymphs were successful. The Nymphs were in fact successful, and indeed, there is more. Speaking as a happy backer of their last Kickstarter, I’m going to encourage anyone with the available funds to jump on this. The miniatures are beautiful, and these guys are very good, if you have problems, they fix them.
There are rather more monsters, larger and nastier than the Nymphs they started with. These are still resin (and thus, somewhat fragile), but if the quality holds up from last time, they’re well worth it.
I’m going to quote the creators a bit here; Eschaton is “a beautiful series of highly dynamic resin miniatures of powerful titans and monsters inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre. Each character and creature is depicted in the Heroic 35mm scale, perfect for Painters, Collectors, RPG Players and Wargamers alike. The miniatures vary in size, from 42mm for the lowliest of Titans to whopping 140mm of the colossal Alpha Temenos!
Each set comes with a scenic base (30mm, 50mm, 60mm or 100mm!), an art print with the mini’s lore printed on the back, and a hand-numbered authenticity note. Everything is enclosed in a hand-stamped kraft box.
This Kickstarter is a Limited Collector’s Run, which means the miniatures may not be available outside of this campaign or, if they are available, they will be released as an unnumbered and not discounted Encore edition.”
Like I said. If you have the funds, I recommend jumping on this. If you don’t… tell your friends! Be a resin enabler.

… they’re not kidding about that Temenos; he’s massive.

Active Minds Games Presents: Enhanced X-Case Clear & Modular Inserts
So, I saw some of this at Reapercon; including the prototype new clear case. I haven’t had any trouble with /my/ clear case, but I don’t ask much of it right now, and so don’t expect much trouble.
I also saw some prototypes of the inserts, and am impressed. He didn’t have the larger case prototype, but with all I’ve seen so far, I’m thinking I can go on a little faith.
I’m going to quote the creator now, for those of you who missed the last one and don’t know what I’m talking about; “What is the XCase?
Simply put the XCase is a one of a kind expandable, transport and display for your miniatures.  Starts small and grows with your collection.
Features of the XCase:
* Clear front opening doors allowing viewing and access to all your miniatures when units  are connected
* Each unit interlocks with each other either top to bottom, back to back or front to front
* Repositionable handles: Each unit comes with a handle you can remove and cross  between connected units to lock stacks together, they even overlap to create a multi  handle grip when locking stacks together both front to front and back to back
* Hinged front opening connectors so you can keep units connected and swing them open  to access fronts of units.
* Mounting holes on back of unit to hang units on walls when not gaming with, displaying  or painting your miniatures away from home
* High impact durable plastic makes these enhanced units super durable and ready to  transport and display your minis for years to come.
* PLUS: Our newest clear units allow lots of natural light through to maximize the display  features.
What is the XCase Insert
This XCase shelf insert is a modular unit that fits perfectly in the XCase. A single insert is one  level, either 1/2 or fully the length of the XCase, but can be setup in a stair layout that would  allow tiered display of figures at each level. Additionally the divider acts not only as dividers for  cards, drawer inserts, or whatever you need them to separate but they also work with lower level  divider pieces to hold each shelf level in place on top of each other when more than one shelf  insert is stacked.”
I recommend picking up at least two of the base unit, and generally aiming for even numbers; the way they connect, stack and fit together makes even numbers your best bet unless you’re stacking them on the wall.
Sadly, I don’t have as many good kickstarters to point you guys at as I thought; CAV hasn’t actually launched yet (Sept. 19th, for those interested in stompy ‘mechs), and a few of the others I had earmarked are beautiful, but probably not within budget. I do /try/ to think about budgets, after all.
That being the case, if you guys have stumbled over something good, let us know! We definitely take submissions; here in the comments, Discord, the Portal Forums… Facebook… heck, post something on Twitter and tag us in, we’ll happily retweet.