Hello, fellow Portalites. I am back again with a couple of Kickstarters, and a headsup on a project that might interest some of you. Mostly, it’s maps and minis this go ’round – I’m back to having trouble finding stuff I think you all would be interested in. But, I did find a few things amongst all the dice bags and other fascinating bits and bobs.

Cigar Box Battlemats Presents: Battlemats!
Printed battlemats.. on fleece? What? But the idea seems pretty sound, honestly. And if these measure up to the pictures, polar fleece is pretty well indestructible, and washable. These might be useful to many of you; they appear to be gridless, however, so keep your rulers and measuring tapes handy.
Best part; they decided to unlock all the stretch goals. They have mats with things like rivers and roads and top-down views of trees that you can trim out and place where you want them on other mats.

Steamforged Games Presents: Critical Role
Working in collaboration with the Critical Role cast, Steamforged Games has designed and  developed an exciting range of high-quality miniatures that bring the legendary heroes of Vox  Machina and the Mighty Nein to life. Perfectly scaled for roleplaying, the PVC miniatures come  fully pre-assembled and ready to paint and play right out the box.
Critical Role is a weekly livestreamed roleplaying game set in Exandria, which is the world  created by veteran voice actor and Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer. Each week, Matthew  leads his friends (also fellow voice actors!) on epic adventures.
The first Critical Role campaign centered on the ragtag group of heroes in Tal’Dorei known as  Vox Machina — Pike Trickfoot, the Gnome Cleric, Keyleth, the Half-Elf Druid, Percival  “Percy” Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo, the Human Gunslinger, Grog Strongjaw,  the Goliath Barbarian, Scanlan Shorthalt the Gnome Bard, Taryon “Tary” Darrington, the Human  Artificer, Vex’ahlia (and her animal companion, a bear named Trinket), the Half-Elf Ranger and  Vax’ildan, the Half-Elf Rogue. The first campaign ended in November 2017 after 115 episodes  and 373 hours of gameplay.
Critical Role is now in its second campaign, in which the Mighty Nein begin their adventures  together in Wildemount. The Mighty Nein consists of Yasha, the Aasimar Barbarian, Beauregard,  the Human Monk, Mollymauk Tealeaf, the Tiefling Blood Hunter, Fjord, the Half-Orc Warlock,  Nott the Brave, the Goblin Rogue, Jester, the Tiefling Cleric, and Caleb Widogast, the Human  Wizard. Shakäste, a human cleric, has proven himself to be a trusted ally of the Mighty Nein.”

And while I don’t watch Critical Role, and I’m not really interested in them as a thing, I know people do and are, and I thought you ladies and gents might like a chance to participate, or wave it on to your friends. And the miniatures aren’t bad; which is always a good thing. Steamforge does Guild Ball, IIRC, and I have some of their metals. If their plastics are as good, these will be very nice.

Playmats.EU Presents: Resinarium Bridges – High End Terrain for wargames

These are tempting, in all the ways resin terrain shouldn’t be. “High quality resin bridges for wargames and miniature games. The models are finely detailed and hand-painted, ready to be used on your table out of the box. A treat for collectors, artists and anyone playing in the 28mm – 33mm heroic scale (Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Hobbit, Warmachine and Hordes).

All Resinarium bridges are hand-painted with huge attention to detail. If you’re a painter, and would like to beautify the bridges with your own signature style, just choose an unpainted option.

I like that they are available painted, and they are available unpainted, and the Orc bridge makes me chortle in glee in all the ways that usually result in my players spontaneously rolling spot checks.

This Kickstarter was canceled; but the creator mentions in the updates that they are hoping to restart it soon (TM) with some better options. I hope they can, because the initial Kickstarter was interesting, and the terrain itself /very/ interesting.

I suspect a few of you may be looking for – or at – Frog God Games’ Kickstarter for City of Brass. I won’t be posting that, or advocating anyone back it for reasons I am not going to go into in this blog post.