Hello, fellow Portalites!
Another edition of Kickstarters of Note; not a large selection, but I suspect that most of you won’t have a problem with that. There’s some dice, and some blue prints and a colouring book, and probably a lot more that I didn’t stumble over, but either way, you ought to take a look.
And if you found something I didn’t, please, feel free to mention it in the comments!

Elder Wood Presents: Hex Chest Mini Dice Boxes and Pebble Dice.
Sooo … if you like boxes, and you like dice, and you especially like tiny boxes of dice, I found you a Kickstarter.
They got Norse Foundry involved, and Norse Foundry makes beautiful dice, to go with what looks like an adorable little box.
In their own words: “Howdy! We’re Quentin and Dan, and this Kickstarter we’re inviting you to live our dream together: staying home with tiny dice in tiny wood-carved boxes. Never again need you be the fool at the party without an emergency set of dice contained within a vanity dice holder. Also, free advice: don’t go to parties. Wear PJs and make your friends come to you.
Like their prodigious progenitors, Hex Chest Minis are crafted in a spectacular array of wood options, delicately appointed with engraved art, and finished by hand. They offer a pleasing permutation of personalization, precision, and polish packed into a precious parcel, prepared to portably protect your playthings.
This Kickstarter we’re partnering up with Norse Foundry to make Pebble dice exclusively available along with your Mini Hex Chest. Pebble dice are brand-new miniature zinc-alloy cast masterpieces you could (but absolutely should not) eat like jellybeans and come in a wide range of finishes and themes. If micro precision machined aluminum is more your speed, that’s an option, too.”
… yes, you should grab a set while the grabbing is good. Teeny dice in a box!

Stephanie Law Presents: Succulent Dragons: A colouring and art book
So, I don’t know who does colouring books. They’ve gotten super popular, and involved and many of them are, imo, too pretty to colour in. This may be one of those, and clearly, you all should look at it.
If only for the gorgeous photos of spiral aloe. That thing is amazing.
There also appear to be pins. And prints.

Matthew Sprange Presents: Traveller RPG: Element Class Cruisers Box Set
Anybody play Traveller? If so, or you just collect space ship stuff, this might be worth looking into; in the words of the creators: “This Kickstarter project is to create a brand new box set for the Traveller roleplaying game, detailing the three main classes of cruiser within the Element cruiser family, together with 10 massive double-sided blueprints that will allow you walk through each deck of the ships as if you were there…”
They want to go further than that, though; and add a book laying out how to run a Navy-style campaign with Travellers taking the roles of bridge crew. And if I’m the only one seeing possibilities past Traveller here, I’d be astounded. Check it out; might be your next big campaign is here somewhere.