We go from famine to feast, this week; I have all kinds of shiny things to show you guys, from miniatures to board games to dice, and even a sack to carry it all in! Kickstarter’s a dangerous wilderness of shiny objects, I know.


Remember, folks, downtime this weekend as we move the Portal to its new host!

Jin Lee Presents: Fateslayer
32mm miniatures might be a little large for most of us, but I know there are probably a few of you who might yet find this intriguing; in the words of the creator: “This campaign is for 32mm / 1:57 scale original resin miniatures that each come with their own story art cards. This kickstarter is a one person job with everything being done myself except for some painting. The goal is to create a full in-house studio to manufacture and create high end miniatures and have fast turn arounds of prototypes through 3d printing, and having the necessary equipment to turn an idea into an available figure ready to be released in less than a few days. This is my absolute passion and dream pushing to create a robust world as well as to test my abilities as a creator and manufacturer. I hope you will enjoy these figures if the funding is complete and join me on my journey to create and invent.”
He has created some creepy and gorgeous miniatures, and the game they go with is interesting as well.
Awaken Realms Presents: Nemesis Board Game
So, this is a board game. If you’re the kind of person who buys them for the miniatures, you may be into this just for that; there are some very /nice/ sci-fi type sculpts here, with some not-xenomorph adversaries that also look very cool.
If you are the kind of person who likes their cooperative board games, this may be your thing as well; “Welcome to the world of Nemesis! This new board game, designed by Adam Kwapiński, is the result of a collaboration between Awaken Realms (creators of This War of Mine: TBG, The Edge: Dawnfall and Lords of Hellas) and Rebel (creators of Drako, Dream Home and K2) . It’s a 1-5 players semi-cooperative Sci-Fi horror where you and your friends try to survive while attempting to fulfill your secret objectives that may sometimes collide. It will also enable full co-op as well as solo play experience.”
Invisible Rocket Presents: Revilo Creature Collection
This kickstarter is for a book; an art book, rather particularly, for a fantasy world.. well. In the creator’s own words; “Revilo is a fantasy world that I created to inspire my son to explore his creativity and imagination. I tell stories of the creatures through my sculptures, many of which were his original idea.” -and he does sculpt some fascinating, creepy, and unusual animals.
Take a look for yourself. Perhaps his world is one you find yourself wanting to see more of.
Använda Team Presents: Använda. A Great F*cking Bag.
… I copied verbatim; blame them for censored profanities.
Profanities or not, if their bag holds up to what they say about it, this might be a very useful investment for us gamers; their large bag is big enough for a 15″ laptop (yes, people do still carry those), and I suspect you can get a lot of dice into even their smaller bag..
I can’t speak for actual results; I’ve never heard of these guys, and I haven’t actually got my hands on one of their bags.
Polyhero Dice Presents: Rogue Set
I can’t be the only gamer who collects unusual dice (whether I can use them or not), just because I /like dice/. These? These are unusual dice, all built around a roguish theme. Sacks of loot as d10/d100, dagger as d4, for example.
This is the third exotic dice kickstarter they’ve done, and I have heard no complaints about their last two; apparently they deliver some nice quality weird dice. So, grab a set, if that amuses you.
Bad Squiddo Games Presents: Freyja’s Wrath – Dark Age and Fantasy 28mm Shieldmaidens
If you’re like me, you’ve probably bemoaned the lack of miniatures representing female warriors that weren’t running around in silly, belly-baring armor and cobwebs. This provides you with lots and lots of functionally dressed alternatives.
Or, if you don’t need functionally dressed viking warrior ladies… they have MOOSE. And bears, and beaver, ravens and wild cats. I heartily approve.