Hello, fellow Portalites!
Christmas has passed, and I hope you have all come out of it with your sanity more or less intact. As always, I have a whole bunch of new Kickstarters in progress for you to look at!
Mostly things I hope would be of use to those of you only running games on Rondak’s Portal, or elsewhere, but I did find some interesting things!

Dan Hass Presents: Dimgaard Vol. XXIV – 5e DnD Adventures.
For those of you who are as challenged as I am on roman numerals, that’s Volume 24. This guy has been doing these for a while. I can’t speak for quality, but he’s funded and still going, so there are clearly people who like his stuff.
What I don’t know is how well these might translate from 5e to something else; YMMV.
Encounter Roleplay Presents: The Blood Plague – DnD 5e Dark Fantasy Adventure for 3rd level.
Uh. Well. I’m going to let them talk about it a bit; “The Blood Plague is a Dark Fantasy Adventure Module for Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition for Levels 3-5 which focuses on a deadly plague. The Blood Plague has struck the world of Penumbra and left it’s people reeling in horror at it’s ferocity. 
What is it?
  • A dark fantasy adventure fraught with perils – The Blood Plague, warring knights & far worse…
  • The story revolves around finding a safe refuge in the Blood Plague at Arckenbury Cathedral, but getting there won’t be easy.
  • A medieval Realm known as Penumbra with a distinctly dark and unique flavour. This includes brutal history & warring factions of Penumbra.
  • Gorgeous artwork of the Characters & World of Penumbra, as featured on the Podcast, Turncloaks.
I have never heard of this. However, the setting looks interesting, the art is very nicely done, and I am intrigued, despite not really having much of an interest in 5e.
Michael Stutt Presents: Dragon Scales – Scalable Dungeons for 5e.
Scalable dungeons are always useful, to my mind; and this strikes me as a useful addition to the GM’s toolkit. I’ll let the creator do the talking, though. “DRAGON SCALES is Arcadian Games’ new adventure booklet following ‘A Storm About to Break’ and ‘Quests for Heroes’. The name reflects my new concept in quest design – to create fully scalable adventures to give you the ultimate flexibility in running your game. There are four adventures included, and each will be playable at easy, moderate or hard levels. The booklet will run to around 110 pages.
All the adventures included in the booklet contain a detailed background explaining what the quest is about and fleshing out the missions. The quests can take place in a provided, ready made setting, but can also easily be dropped into your current campaign. Once the Kickstarter is fulfilled, all contributors will receive not only the PDF adventure booklet, but also a word document version, so you can configure it to your own tastes. In addition, every contributor will also receive all the map images from the booklet. These will be sent out in both Paint Shop Pro and JPEG versions.”
Once again, I have no idea if these can be modified to use with earlier editions or other rule-sets, YMMV.
Joseph Limbaugh Presents: Postcard Dungeons
For the times when you’re a player short and have nothing better to do, perhaps. Or a fun little party game to entertain  the burgeoning masses? I’m not sure. But it sure looks like fun. In the words of the creator: “Postcard Dungeons is a tiny game of small adventures. It’s a fun and relatively short game that is great for groups filling time while waiting for someone to show up. It’s also one of the most portable games in the world since it’s the size of a large postcard.
The board represents 3 deadly dungeons, each one more challenging than the one before it. On a player’s turn they choose 1 of the dungeons to explore and randomly determine its contents by rolling 3 dice in order…”
Julia Okrusko Presents: Dawnstar: Ennea
This is … well, background music. Possibly situational; I was only able to listen to the one sample. The creator has this to say about it, “I am just blessed to be working on a new album in the series, “Dawnstar: Ennea”, which I would love to share with you. The title of this album, “ennéa”, means “nine” in Greek, and the album would be comprised of nine pieces for violin and digital instruments inspired by mythology and explorations of the cosmos. I hope that you may consider joining this production and enjoy being a part of it.
From the sample, this is some lovely stuff. You should totally check it out.