Game Looking for Player: Legacy of the Theater Knights (Das Schwarze Auge) (English)

Andi is looking for players for Legacy of the Theater Knights (Das Schwartze Auge)

Stewards wanted! This year the Council has decided to expand the beautiful annual tradition of the Atmaskot Parade. On the 8th of Phex, the procession of Atmaskottjes shall begin at the harbor and wind its way through the Old City to the marketplace, where the effigies will be burned after a speech pleasing unto Rondra. All the while, the parade will be accompanied by the merry music of rattles and chimes, the vituperation of the crowd, and the beating of the Thorwal Drum of the terrible villain, Atmaskot Blood-drinker. To avoid any trouble and prevent the rabble from disturbing the parade, the City Guard seeks to recruit brave men and women who wish to serve divine order that day. If you want to stand up for our city and have your reward in gold, come to the garrison on the 6th of Phex, at Rondra’s hour.

Elkman Timpski, Captain of the City Guard

He is looking for five, minimum. The game will be played primarily on Rondak’s Portal; anyone with questions can either go to Rondak’s Portal, or join our Discord.

You can find the Rules Wiki here and that should give you most of the tools you need to properly utilise the character generator tool, which can be downloaded from here.  The game will probably have some mature content; be aware.