Character Gallery

If there's one question we've had, over and over again, it's probably 'when is character upload capability coming back?'. Actually, that may be tied with 'how do I upload an image?'  ... it's hard to say, and either way, it's been on a lot of people's wishlists.

We are working on a solution. For a number of reasons, the ability to upload images is probably never coming back. We have a workaround; eventually we hope to have that workaround fully integrated, just like the old upload function, only better. For now, we're hosting the gallery, and all you should need to do is put the image's URL into the appropriate field.

Those of you paying attention - mostly, those of you in the Discord, where it's been discussed - would remember my talking about Rondak's Portal's Patreon. There are two new tiers; 'Custom Portraits' and 'Patron of the Arts'. How is this relevant?

Custom Portraits essentially puts a backer on our artist's commission list. Once a month, a Custom Portraits backer may request a simple image to be added to the gallery. Bear in mind that the images are portraits, black and white very simple, and they will be available to the entire population of the Portal. Those of you who helped me fire test the Gallery page likely know what I mean.

A Patron of the Arts has that privilege, and, once a year, may also commission our artist for a more in-depth portrait (or full body pose) that would not necessarily be part of the gallery. We do request that a Patron of the Arts think on their request for a month or three before they make it, especially if they want something that might take ten hours.

The catch - probably the biggest catch - is that we will not upload outside artwork to the gallery. There may be exceptions; for example, if you have a piece of art that was commissioned specifically for you, please contact us to discuss the details.

Also, both these tiers give the backer access to a special channel in our Discord, and a special backer Role, both of which should be pretty self-explanatory.