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LFP: Grande Temple of Jing (Pathfinder)

In his own words, as posted on the Portal forums:

Looking for players for my Grande Temple of Jing dungeon crawl. I currently have up to three slots available and would greatly appreciate at least one more player (two or even all three would of course be wonderful). I have a Cleric of Cayden Caileen currently being NPCed if anyone would like to take them over, but I expect most people would prefer to apply with their own characters, which is also more than acceptable.

I am going to request that anyone who puts in an application be able to get on the portal, read posts, and respond at least once per week. If you do not feel you can meet this requirement on a regular basis (obviously some weeks may be missed due to circumstances) then I ask that you not apply.

If you have interest in taking over the cleric please talk to me either here or in a message and I will get you the information you need and we can slip you in. If you wish to apply with your own character simply follow the rules in the world description. If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to ask me here or in a message.

LFP: Doomsday Dawn (PF2Playtest, Pathfinder)

In 4651 ar, a Chelish scholar named Imivus became fascinated by the history of Ancient Osirion, a fascination that swiftly grew to an obsession after Osirion’s government denied him permission to mount an expedition into the desert sands. Frustrated and with wounded pride, Imivus organized several secret, illegal expeditions, but he vanished in 4657 ar during his 11th such journey—an expedition that sought the Veinstone Pyramid of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension. Imivus hoped that discovering the rumored pyramid would establish a firm connection between Ancient Osirion and influence from an alien presence from the Dark Tapestry beyond the stars. In particular, Imivus was chasing the legend of a long-lost book called The Last Theorem—a book that he believed would answer all of his questions.

Welcome, fellow Portalites, to the End of the World…
This game is intended to run through the playtest scenario for Pathfinder 2; and as such, follows some pretty firm creation rules. Those of you who have not done so should probably go over to and download the rulebook for the playtest.
There probably will be discussion of this thing in the Portal Discord; I can but encourage people to drop in and check that out.


Interested parties should definitely look at the full writeup for all the necessary information; and talk to Sylverthorne if there are questions.

GM’s Tip of the Week

 Just going to remind all those GMs on the Portal that advertising a game on the Oracle is as easy as sending me a message – here, on Discord, forum post or Portal cit message – and asking me to put up an ad. If you have something specific you want me to post, just let me know what it is, and I’ll be happy to post it for you!
In that note, YuritheWarlock is still looking for players for their 5e game; I understand they have a couple of accepted characters, and a few offers in the wings.

Looking for Players: Four games, 3.5e and 5e

Hey, fellow Portalites! I have a pile of games for you to drool over. Come on over and have a look.

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Looking for Players: Games Still Recruiting

If anyone has a game that they are looking for players for that I didn’t catch, please feel free to send me a note; I would be happy to list your game in the Oracle. In the meantime; if you are looking for a game and are familiar with 3.5e, or interested to learn, this might be a good opportunity.

Aldrusian has openings in Fortress of Kahlilahd, using the 3.5e system.
If you’re interested, he has existing characters that could be adopted.
As a member of a team that has just released King Jerelth’s son from his imprisonment in the Fortress of Kahlilahd you have passed through a room on your way out of the Temple where something has caught your eye. It is a rather old book called ‘The History of Arith Krahl’. You decided to take it with you and peruse it later.
It was decided amongst all of you that those who wished to continue adventuring together would meet at the Steel Orchid Tavern the following evening. You spent the day examining the book and have come to the Tavern full of excitement. You have determined that the shield that you picked up in the depths of the wizard Kahlilahd’s Fortress belonged to this Arith Krahl, an archdruid from the lands beyond the Endless Sea.”
Bhaldavan has openings in Crossroads, using the 3.5e system.
If you’re interested, I recommend reading the game page very thoroughly, and contacting her for more information.
Legend states that the place where four roads come together is a magical place, full of endless possibilities, where pacts are forged, deals are made with devils, and sometimes your soul is the least of what you’ll lose. What if such a place actually existed? Where refugees that are lost, or exiled might find a place to rest, or the persecuted; find acceptance, or perhaps some might simply be curious as to what might be beyond our small corner of reality. Maybe such a place could grant your darkest wishes, and fulfill your greatest ambitions. If such a place really existed, would you go there? If so, welcome to Crossroads.”

Games Looking for Players

We’ve got two GMs still looking for players, and probably more I am unaware of. Looking for a game? Maybe one of these is up your alley.
20AM (2e AD&D)
Where were you? What happened to you? You learned magic was real. Saw magic, dragons, demons, spell casting, learned of unknown civilizations to be seen. Had to flee somewhere, so what happened to you? Twenty years have passed and you must have quite a story. Or is your story just beginning? Or maybe your from that other side? Maybe your not human, maybe your from the other side. Ah yes the possibilities are endless.”
Mestropil is still recruiting for this homebrew; take a look, send him a message if you have any questions.

Breaking the Siege (3.5e AD&D)
The small town of Corbal is dying. Trouble on the roads has prevented trade caravans coming, and no one seems to care. Your character was one of the last to make it in …
GeneCortess is still recruiting; see his posts in the Portal forum, or send him a message if you have any questions.

Game Looking for Players: 20 AM

Mestropil is looking for players for 20 AM, using the AD&D second edition rules.
Man was given all the knowledge of magic. Belief in it was truly returned to the people of Earth. The Dimensional rifts did open and the wars did happen. People of Earth learned that there were millions of inhabitants both man, monster and the like, on the other side. Not all bad, some in fact, true allies. But the scale of controlling this grand scheme of a God, proved to be too great, even for the most heroic of Champions.
Check the game description in Available Games for more information.

Game Looking for Players: Breaking the Siege

GeneCortess has a new game up in the 3.5e section; Breaking the Siege.

A small town is dying; and your character is one of a small group who made it through unmolested. To save the town, or die with it?

That’s up to you. More details can be found in the game listing. Good gaming, fellow Portalites!

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