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Character Sheet Templates

I was asked; a few days ago if I could put together a sheet template for 5e.

I finally figured out how to do that in such a way that you guys can just copy it out and fill it in, using Notepad, or just directly into the Other section of your character sheets.

You can find the template down in RPG Resources: Other.

If anyone has any requests for other systems, I’ll see what I can do. Don’t expect anything /too/ fancy; we’re still limited by old code. But I can streamline a little of the sheet building for you, at least.

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GM’s Tip of the Week

Character creation is one of the fun things about being a player; you get to imagine being somebody else for a while; think up a whole personality, history and extended family. Some players don’t go quite that far, but I know a number of them that do, and really enjoy the process.
For a GM, who is running a whole menagerie of characters, many of whom are as far from human as one can easily get, it can be a serious project just to create a small town. And then you have encounters, and … whoo. Notebooks, just full of NPCS!

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Question of Sevens

The grove has been a source of peace since you were a child. Always, there has been something not entirely real about it, a sense of there being more…

GM’s Tip of the Week

Unusual Characters; balancing on four legs – or no legs
Before I get into this, I’d like to remind everybody that we have scheduled downtime on the 10th; the Portal and the Oracle will be down for maintenance.
If you’ve been GMing for very long, you’ve probably had someone come to you with a character, or a template that they really, really wanted to play with, usually involving an exotic race that may or may not even exist in the setting you’re using. Naga, lamia (feline or serpentine), or driders .. centaurs can include merfolk, harpies, girtablilu, cecalia and bariaur. Some might even count satyr and fauns, and they’ve all got their own unique challenges in play.

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GM’s Tip of the Week

As a GM, you’ll eventually hear pretty much everything from a player, but the first time you get a player who wants to play something really different might just make you do a double take.

Most times, thankfully, ‘really different’ is just going to mean ‘something outside of that player’s comfort zone’, such as; the guy who usually plays fighters trying a bard or rogue. Sometimes though, you’ll get somebody who wants to play your reality’s version of an N/G drow ranger. Or The Chosen One. Or … sometimes they’ll just go completely off the hinges and want to play a half-demon demi-god of flowers or something equally unsuitable, and you then have to decide if you want to deal with that or not.

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