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Site News

Not much to report, largely because I took some weeks off from doing anything IT related. The TLS certificate for has been renewed today, and moved to a new CA. We are now signed by Let’s Encrypt.

Site News

Finally had the cycles again to work on the new codebase. Taking a break, while ${WORK} was a pain, did help me become clearer on some more unexplained bits on how to implement an OpenID identity provider, so that’s good. Next, actually write the code that gives life to the flowchart I built this weekend.

Kickstarters of Note

I have a bit of a virtual investment market set up for you this time, with everything from dice to bags for the dice to rolling towers to miniatures – and some starship schematics very near their funding dateĀ – it’s all very shiny, and you guys should definitely take a look.
And, if you are so inclined, don’t forget to squee over the baby monsters.

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Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Noone ever solved a problem by talking about it. Planning is often required, but once there is a plan, or it has been found that no plan is possible, get to doing. Even if doing means proceeding into the unknown.

Site News

Not much in the way of news this week – between Valentine’s Day and paid ${WORK}, I have not had as much chance as I would have liked to work on the new codebase. I did manage to get one niggling problem dealt with – the long-broken ability of site admins to remove dead games has been restored. Expect a purge of inactive games to take place in the foreseeable future.

Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Not all dangers are obvious. Sure, an orc or hobgoblin will take your head off, a dark elf is likely to torture you, and so on… but there are more subtle dangers, too. Whether it’s the companion who makes off with your equipment while you sleep, or a cursed item, or unexpected side effects from some sort of starmetal, there are all kinds of things that can affect you unexpectedly.

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