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Site News

Just a quick status report. I’m almost done with the initial implementation of the authentication system for the new codebase; the server side is written, compiles and passes basic functionality testing. While doing the work, I noticed a few gaps in my underlying libraries, so I will be going back to infrastructure work for a while to fill those gaps and factor out reusable code from the auth server component into the general infra library, then I’m getting started on writing the client side of the auth code.

Site News

I gave some though about whether to post today – after all, people might expect me to announce that I am done, one way or the other, or pull some other silly prank. Realistically, there’s not much new to report. I have been churning out code on a pretty good basis, and the user authentication component is finally taking shape. A lot of this is reusable and will be, but it has to be written at least once…

Site News

This is a somewhat longer post, not merely site news, but also some background about what is going on with the Portal, and why things are the way they are. Please read on after the divider…

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Site News

I had a mishap with technology on Wednesday, and had to rekey DNSSEC for my public domains. Ideally, noone should notice anything, but if Rondak’s Portal or the images I host on don’t load at the moment, let me know – it might be related to that. HAven’t had time this week to write much in the way of new code between medical appointments, infrastructure mishaps and paid work kicking my ass. Hope to have more to tell you guys next week.

Site News

Got at least some work done this week on the Portal. Still pounding away at the new codebase – goes slower than I’d like, but pieces are starting to fall into place. I’m still working on JWT handling for OAuth2, going to be at it for a while longer, I think, but getting there…

Gaming News (unscheduled)

Given the gaming predilections of your (un?)friendly host, this one deserves an out-of-order news post: Paizo announced Pathfinder 2e, with free playtest materials (digital) available on 2018-08-02.

Site News

Not much to report here. I am preparing a purge of inactive games, those being defined as “GM has not logged in since 2016-01-01”. Not much progress on the new codebase the past week, paid work kept me hopping. I did get some more work on the underlying libraries for OAuth2 support done, and it’s nice to finally see some of the infrastructure / foundation pieces I have been working on being used.

Site News

As a status update, I am still hard at work with site infrastructure. This weekend, I finished up one of the supporting libraries that I will use to build the new Portal; as I gain more practice, code is getting written faster, too. I am still deep in the bowels of constructing a C++ based OAuth2 server and client, but I think I am on track for my goal of having something working by summer.

Assorted NEws

I’ve been busy working on Rondak’s Portal behind the scenes. The advertising campaign on Project Wonderful has been updated; it is possible some of you may have seen a banner or tow show up. In a similar vein, Sylverthorne updated the Patreon page a little bit, and included another map for backers to use. This month, she mapped out what a mint & treasury building might look like.

In code development news, I am still working on getting oAuth 2 to work for the new Portal; it’s slow going, but things are going. I did take a look at the existing codebase, and while this may not be of terribly much interest to most of you, I think I have game deletions fixed. I am hoping this will let us get ahead of stale games.

Scheduled Downtime Update

All updates are complete. Rondak’s Portal should be back to normal.

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