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Character Sheet Templates

I was asked; a few days ago if I could put together a sheet template for 5e.

I finally figured out how to do that in such a way that you guys can just copy it out and fill it in, using Notepad, or just directly into the Other section of your character sheets.

You can find the template down in RPG Resources: Other.

If anyone has any requests for other systems, I’ll see what I can do. Don’t expect anything /too/ fancy; we’re still limited by old code. But I can streamline a little of the sheet building for you, at least.

Remember to close your tags! Very important! Also, for those of you who are website designers… please do not get clever and use CSS. Just don’t. Thank you.

Rondak’s Portal Mk 2

I am still working on this, or rather, on some of the infrastructure behind it. I know, it’s whistling in the wind without anything to show. So, for now, I wanted to discuss how I envision the web page to be built. I am seeing the Portal to have a handful of major components:

1) Identity server – this will enable native logins with user credentials stored on Rondak’s Portal, and map external users to Portal users. Yes, the mention of external users means I still plan on integrating outside authentication, probably Google and Microsoft / Office 365 to start.
2) API server – this will moderate access to the database, so I do not have to give an internet-facing web page credentials to the DB. It will also, in theory, make it easier to create other UIs – think mobile-optimized pages or even an Android or desktop application.
3) Web page – the presentation front end.

I have no idea whether getting into the technical weeds would interest anybody, but I would absolutely welcome commentary, feedback, being contacted about what I am doing and how. If you are interested in more detailed writeups of my thinking and work on this, please, let me know.

Site News

With Sept 21st quickly approaching, I am realizing there is no way I will make my deadline for an auth system to be running by “summer.” That realization probably could have hit me a few weeks ago, but I kept hoping that the workload at my paid job would ease up enough for me to get back into it. It didn’t. In fact, last week, a project I had thought was closed came up AGAIN. I have no idea right now when I will find the energy to get back to working on the Portal, but it IS on my mind, and I still think I am on the right track this time.

Site News

Not much to report, largely because I took some weeks off from doing anything IT related. The TLS certificate for has been renewed today, and moved to a new CA. We are now signed by Let’s Encrypt.

Site News

Not much new. A few more lines of code, still plugging away as I can. If anyone here has a better suggestion for a C++ –> WebAssembly + JS compiler than Cheerp, I am all ears. I’ll play with emScripten + binaryen, in the hopes that will work better for me, but maybe someone has an idea?

Site News

Paid work has been eating most of my energy, but I got a little bit of work done. Still making progress, still don’t have things anywhere I can actually run them, but all my test cases compile and pass. I’ll take it.

Site News

Pathfinder playtest started; Thorne has assorted channels and forum posts to organize, if anyone is interested. My impression so far is mixed – the changes look interesting, but they are going to take a LOT of getting used to.

In site news, I have been making good progress on the code and am almost ready to put a test page for the authentication and account management system up. Might not make “Summer” as intended, but I am making progress.

Site News

Sanity week. Noodled around a bit. No serious coding work, not even bugfixes. Thorne posted a few photos from our daytrip to Staircase Rapids on Discord. I highly recommend both GMs and players to occasionally take the time to go out there, to whatever natural wonders are nearby. Lots and lots of inspiration.

Site News

Still working on the new codebase. About halfway through getting the auth system to behave and integrate with OpenID providers; starting to give thought to how to organize actual site functionality.

As a PSA, I would continue to recommend against shared-server (cloud hosting) arrangements, due to the prevalence of side channel attacks on modern CPUs. There’s, of course, the well-known Spectre class of attacks; a similar principle can be used to leak encryption keys when using a modern Intel or AMD CPU’s ability to perform AES crypto in hardware; below that layer, modern CPUs have what is called a “management engine” to perform system initialization and maintenance functions. As it turns out, the firmware powering these MEs is also vulnerable to attacks, including remote-exploitable arbitrary code execution attacks. All this leads me to believe that the course of wisdom in hosting arrangements is, at minimum, dedicated servers. Ideally, dedicated servers on a dedicated network, but I am unfortunately not aware of any providers offering that, shy of renting a rack, deploying one’s own hardware, and one’s own firewall.

Site News

Have had some chance to work further on the new codebase. Progress is being made – I am currently cleaning things up in the user authentication code.

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