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Unexpected Daybreak (2e) Looking for Players

Hathgar is looking for players for his 2e edition game. In his words:
“The world is not yet created. The adventures are not yet created. All that exists are some seeds and the potential for an elaborate tale spun out of fate. Using engines such as Mythic and even tools like the Tarot, potentially amazing stories are awaiting to be told.

“For this game, I will be revisiting AD&D 2nd Edition. It has been awhile so I’m not familiar with everything, but I feel I know just enough to get us started. “

Game Looking for Players: Swords of Justice (5e)

Cruvis is currently looking for one player to join the 5e game, Swords of Justice. This game has been running for 15 years. He is in need of a player who is familiar with gaming on the portal and is cool with the pace, reading, and writing involved. There are a few catches:

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Game Looking for Players: Shipwrecked Skies

A port city isn’t a boring place at the best of times. Tonight, sore and weary from your labors, boring is all you hope for. Passing the docks as the sun drifts downward, allowing the night to spread her cloak of stars over the city, a muffled cry of pain suggests that this particular night is going to be all of the wrong kinds of exciting…

Shipwrecked Skies is a Pathfinder game on Rondak’s Portal, looking for players. Come check it out!

Game Looking for Players: Fortress of Kahlilahd: Chapter 2

Aldrusian is still looking for at least two more players for his AD&D 3.5e game, Fortress of Kahlilahd, Chapter 2: Shield of Arith Krahl.

In his words:

”¬†King Jereld, the Great Overlord of all the lands between the Misted Mountains and the Wasted Hills of Kreg, has gathered you to perform a service. His son has been kidnapped and with him was stolen a certain crystal that is beyond value.

It is known for certain that the kidnapper is a high level evil wizard named Kahlilahd, the Devourer of Souls and he has taken residence in a mountain stronghold known as the Fortress of Ultimate Terror. It has been said that in this awful place he holds court with demons and other dwellers of the lower planes. It is also rumored that the Fortress is protected by many fearsome creatures and fiendish traps.

The King wishes you to return his son and the Crystal and will allow you to keep any other treasures which you happen to unearth. He will provide you with all the provisions and mundane equipment you need as well as transportation and an armed guard who will accompany you to the Fortress and await your return nearby.”


Come check it out on Rondak’s Portal!

GM Looking for Players: The Grand Temple of Jing

In the GM’s words:
Some great ideas are thought of in taverns. It only makes sense, lots of people spend time in them and converse, trading ideas and thoughts and experiences. As a result it is only natural that great ideas would occur in such places.
It also means that some terrible ideas can be thought of in taverns.

But it seemed like a great idea at the time! You and your companions were sharing a drink at the Blue Pearl Tavern when you overheard some older, more experienced adventurers exclaiming about the rewards they’d reaped from a dragon’s lair in the marshland to the east. They boasted of their defeat of the great lizard that dwelled in the swampy retreat and displayed openly the jewels they had taken. They proclaimed their only sorrow was that they could not recover the entire hoard at once. And so, the idea formed in your minds that if you left before they returned, you might be able to claim some of the loot for yourself.

See? Great plan. You didn’t know at the time that someone *else* was watching out for interesting treasure seekers. You didn’t know at the time that someone *else* was feeling bored and lonely and looking for some entertainment. You didn’t know at the time that someone *else* was going to bring you to a strange dungeon from which there might be no escape.

Sometimes, you just have rotten luck.”

The Grand Temple of Jing is a Pathfinder game on Rondak’s Portal. Come check it out!

LFP: Unlikely Heroes

Demagor is looking for one or two more players for Unlikely Heroes, using the 3.5e system.

In Dem’s own words; “Not everyone is a brave, capable and triumphant adventurer. Sometimes heroes come from places you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes it’s an ordinary person who musters up the courage to face danger not because of the wealth and fame it will bring but because it’s the right thing to do. It’s not always about riches and power, it’s about protecting your family and the things you care about; your home, your business, the park you had your first kiss in. Unlikely Heroes is a game about four brave (or mostly brave) citizens of Woodgate that step forward in a time of fear and peril, not because they are demigods, not because they are gifted with unearthly powers and not because they are clad head-to-toe in magical armor, brandishing weapons that can decimate entire armies and carrying shields that will protect them from a volcano’s rage. No. They are normal people who are stepping forward because no one else will.¬†”


Interested parties can find Demagor on Rondak’s Portal, and he asks that anyone who has questions send him a message or page.

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