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LFP: Doomsday Dawn (PF2Playtest, Pathfinder)

In 4651 ar, a Chelish scholar named Imivus became fascinated by the history of Ancient Osirion, a fascination that swiftly grew to an obsession after Osirion’s government denied him permission to mount an expedition into the desert sands. Frustrated and with wounded pride, Imivus organized several secret, illegal expeditions, but he vanished in 4657 ar during his 11th such journey—an expedition that sought the Veinstone Pyramid of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension. Imivus hoped that discovering the rumored pyramid would establish a firm connection between Ancient Osirion and influence from an alien presence from the Dark Tapestry beyond the stars. In particular, Imivus was chasing the legend of a long-lost book called The Last Theorem—a book that he believed would answer all of his questions.

Welcome, fellow Portalites, to the End of the World…
This game is intended to run through the playtest scenario for Pathfinder 2; and as such, follows some pretty firm creation rules. Those of you who have not done so should probably go over to and download the rulebook for the playtest.
There probably will be discussion of this thing in the Portal Discord; I can but encourage people to drop in and check that out.


Interested parties should definitely look at the full writeup for all the necessary information; and talk to Sylverthorne if there are questions.

Game of the Month – Deadlands

So, Deadlands. Interesting system – uses playing cards for stat generation and some game systems (magic comes to mind).

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System of the Month: The Dark Eye

This month’s esoteric system is the translated ‘The Dark Eye’ , from Ulisses-Spiele. With a veteran of the system and a complete noob looking at it, we hope this not-a-review is helpful!

As you read on, note that Sylverthorne’s take will be in purple, and Andi’s in green; we hope this isn’t too confusing for anyone!

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Tabletop Adventures: BattleTech

A few weeks ago, Sylverthorne and I had the chance to play the current edition of BattleTech. For those of you not familiar, BattleTech is a wargame played on a hex grid; it is a reasonably ‘hard’ science-fiction game simulating combat between BattleMechs and their various support units. We played using only the rules in Total Warfare, which represents the basic rules of the game, using a pregenerated ‘Mech star each.

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