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Month: September 2018

Site News

With Sept 21st quickly approaching, I am realizing there is no way I will make my deadline for an auth system to be running by “summer.” That realization probably could have hit me a few weeks ago, but I kept hoping that the workload at my paid job would ease up enough for me to get back into it. It didn’t. In fact, last week, a project I had thought was closed came up AGAIN. I have no idea right now when I will find the energy to get back to working on the Portal, but it IS on my mind, and I still think I am on the right track this time.

Question of Sevens

Ever notice how a wizard never seems to lose his hat? Explain that one, if you can …


Site News

Not much to report, largely because I took some weeks off from doing anything IT related. The TLS certificate for has been renewed today, and moved to a new CA. We are now signed by Let’s Encrypt.

Question of Sevens

“No harm ever came from reading a book …”

Or.. did it? Outside of that shining example, what harm could come of reading a book?

Kickstarters of Note

Hello, fellow Portalites!
Before I get into the meat of this Kickstarters of Note post, I want to apologise for falling off the internet for the better part of two weeks; it’s been a bit hectic here at Portal Headquarters, and not just because we hied off to ReaperCon.
Either way, we’re back, and have I got some stuff for you guys… brace yourselves, hide your wallets and get the drool buckets ready, because this go ’round, I’mma point you guys at all the best shiny.

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