Hey, fellow Portalites! I have a pile of games for you to drool over. Come on over and have a look.

Demagor is looking for players for Order of the Silver Leaf. (3.5e)
The Order of the Silver Leaf (OSL) is a persistent game intended as a  tutorial to help new members of the Portal integrate with the site, learn how it works and experience its features while participating in a low-stress adventure. Pre-Generated characters will be made available and should you wish to play, simply contact Demagor (via the Message System or Paging System) with your interest and any gender/race/class preference you may have. Remember to check the game listing on Available worlds for further details.
OSL has a game room on Discord, text-only.
Demagor is also looking for players for The Favorite (3.5e)
This looks super interesting; Dem builds some amazeballs worlds, but his description defies my ability to condense it. Go look. And be sure to read character creation information!

Luc is looking for players for The Thunder of Drums (3.5e)
Woodstead is a peaceful place, lying on a rocky hillock. It is surrounded by a mixture of woodland and stony farmland, with a range of mountains close by serving as the border. A wild and crude region. Its main exports are wood products, some vegetables, some coarse grain/flour, and wool. In addition, there is a iron mine close by which serves a crude foundry and demands a steady supply of charcoal.”
Remember to check the game page for further details!

YuritheWarlock is looking for players for Ventures of the Lower Planes (5e)
Welcome to Hell! No seriously, welcome to Hell. This campaign takes place in the Lower Planes. To exit, you must appease the rulers of these Hellish planes. Any other attempt at escape will fail.”
For character creation and other useful information, check out the game writeup in Available Worlds.