We’ve got two GMs still looking for players, and probably more I am unaware of. Looking for a game? Maybe one of these is up your alley.
20AM (2e AD&D)
Where were you? What happened to you? You learned magic was real. Saw magic, dragons, demons, spell casting, learned of unknown civilizations to be seen. Had to flee somewhere, so what happened to you? Twenty years have passed and you must have quite a story. Or is your story just beginning? Or maybe your from that other side? Maybe your not human, maybe your from the other side. Ah yes the possibilities are endless.”
Mestropil is still recruiting for this homebrew; take a look, send him a message if you have any questions.

Breaking the Siege (3.5e AD&D)
The small town of Corbal is dying. Trouble on the roads has prevented trade caravans coming, and no one seems to care. Your character was one of the last to make it in …
GeneCortess is still recruiting; see his posts in the Portal forum, or send him a message if you have any questions.