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Site News

Making progress on the new codebase, slowly but surely. I settled on a backend interface to actually run the Portal codebase, and got a toy application running on the framework to see how parameters are passed and what I need to do to make the code work. Now in the process of getting it all integrated for that pre-alpha site I mentioned I wanted to have up in August.

Question of Sevens

The little herb garden had always flourished. But a year ago today, exactly, a little border of flowering bulbs went in and today, for no apparent reason, they are all, simultaneously in bloom with the herbs…

Site News

Some more progress with the new codebase. Got most of the HTTP protocol handling dealt with, I need to extend the POST message body parser to also handle JSON objects. That should make writing the actual server code that much easier, since I won’t have to figure out how to send all my headers by hand for every page.

Question of Sevens

The grove has been a source of peace since you were a child. Always, there has been something not entirely real about it, a sense of there being more…

Looking for Players: Games Still Recruiting

If anyone has a game that they are looking for players for that I didn’t catch, please feel free to send me a note; I would be happy to list your game in the Oracle. In the meantime; if you are looking for a game and are familiar with 3.5e, or interested to learn, this might be a good opportunity.

Aldrusian has openings in Fortress of Kahlilahd, using the 3.5e system.
If you’re interested, he has existing characters that could be adopted.
As a member of a team that has just released King Jerelth’s son from his imprisonment in the Fortress of Kahlilahd you have passed through a room on your way out of the Temple where something has caught your eye. It is a rather old book called ‘The History of Arith Krahl’. You decided to take it with you and peruse it later.
It was decided amongst all of you that those who wished to continue adventuring together would meet at the Steel Orchid Tavern the following evening. You spent the day examining the book and have come to the Tavern full of excitement. You have determined that the shield that you picked up in the depths of the wizard Kahlilahd’s Fortress belonged to this Arith Krahl, an archdruid from the lands beyond the Endless Sea.”
Bhaldavan has openings in Crossroads, using the 3.5e system.
If you’re interested, I recommend reading the game page very thoroughly, and contacting her for more information.
Legend states that the place where four roads come together is a magical place, full of endless possibilities, where pacts are forged, deals are made with devils, and sometimes your soul is the least of what you’ll lose. What if such a place actually existed? Where refugees that are lost, or exiled might find a place to rest, or the persecuted; find acceptance, or perhaps some might simply be curious as to what might be beyond our small corner of reality. Maybe such a place could grant your darkest wishes, and fulfill your greatest ambitions. If such a place really existed, would you go there? If so, welcome to Crossroads.”

Kickstarters of Note

Hello, fellow Portalites!

Welcome to another edition of Kickstarters of note, wherein I enable you guys. A lot. Or just tempt you, I’m good either way. I’ve got some systems, some GM tools and some miniatures, and it’s all very shiny, and I hope you have time to take a look at it.

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GM’s Tip of the Week

Ever asked yourself how well you know your players?
Can you predict – accurately – what they will like and dislike? People who play around a table have an advantage here over play-by-post games, simply because … well, it’s harder with play by post, both because the pace is slower and you don’t have that immediate interaction with body language and vocal tones and all those little things we humans usually use to read each other.
Assuming that you are communicating, in and out of game, you should have some idea though, and it should go past ‘this player enjoys this type of character’.
If you are playing live, via some kind of virtual tabletop system, be it Roll20 or D20Pro or some other variant I haven’t heard of, you will at least have vocal cues, and if you are coordinating voice with Hangouts or Discord, you probably have webcams for the rest. So you will be able to tell if someone isn’t engaged. Notice that. Make an effort to get them engaged, and take notes on what works. If you have to build little character sheets for your players to keep track of what motivates them, do it.
Got a player who finds a particular aspect of the game frustrating? Narrow that down, and see what you can do to make it easier and more fun for them.
Down the line, that will make your life easier, and keep the game fun for everyone.
While you’re at it, make one for yourself. Be honest! Identifying your own triggers helps you figure out how to manage them.

Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Be aware of escape routes, just in case. It almost always is better to be a coward and alive, than brave (foolhardy?) and dead.

Site News

Not much new to report this week, I spent most of it working on things that actually pay the bills. That having been said, I had some time to at least think about Portal development, and talk to Sylverthorne about getting started on mocking up the actual login flow – as the supporting code for that is going to be complete soon and I will then start building that (very low-functionality) demonstration / proof-of-concept site that I set myself a Summer 2018 deadline for.

Question of Sevens

Meant to post this before we left, completely forgot. Sorry guys.
No one likes going through that doorway. Sometimes you hear things, like an echo of voices. Sometimes, less often, you swear you see something out of the corner of your eye.. a reaching hand, a screaming maw…
Most times, it is the silence that is worst of all.

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