I have a bit of a virtual investment market set up for you this time, with everything from dice to bags for the dice to rolling towers to miniatures – and some starship schematics very near their funding date – it’s all very shiny, and you guys should definitely take a look.
And, if you are so inclined, don’t forget to squee over the baby monsters.

Easy Roller Dice Presents: Self-standing Leather Dice Bags
Need a dice bag? Want a really /cool/ dice bag? These might just fit your bill.
As they say; “We are producing a series of high quality, self-standing leather-lite dice bags that will make you drool.
We call this material Leather-Lite and we’re enhancing them by adding our original graphics, many that were used to create our dice trays prior to this. This material is man-made and holds images extremely well . The material is also very durable and light weight.This is a similar material that we use to wrap our dice trays with, but in a rich brown color. These awesome dice bags are sure to be a hit at your gaming table!
Size: Each bag measures 7x5x5 inches and holds approx. 400 16mm polyhedral dice with ease.”
I don’t think it’s actual leather, but I love the knotwork designs, and I also like the very simple pledge level; easy to understand and make work. And we all know I love me some dragon.

HaGue Nikolayczyk Presents: C-EL DICE
Basically, dice that glow in the dark. Which, quite frankly, looks like awesome. Mind, this isn’t likely to make them easier to find if you lose ’em – they have to have a ‘charge’ first, like anything that is glow in the dark. Or at least, I’d assume they do.
Still! Cool! Affordable! Awesome!
They have three sets available, as of this posting, and while I am partial to the dark blue, all of them look very cool.

Trent Ellingsen Presnts: Collector Gaming Playmats
Well, I don’t play card games, but I have been known to be a sucker for a good mouse pad. Or rolling pad – anyone use metal dice? – or … well, if you do play Magic, or one of it’s clones, you might have a use for one of these.
The artwork is certainly gorgeous, and, as I said, they have multiple uses past the suggested ones.

Dryad Gaming Co. Presents: The Dryad Dice Tower and Tray
I admit it, I’m fascinated by exotic woods and all the things that can made from it. Lower levels of this kickstarter include writing instruments – refillable – made out of the same exotic woods as their dice towers.
Now, why this is interesting .. “there are a few things that set the Dryad towers & trays apart:
1. Real, Traditional Woodworking Joinery: Constructed using actual woodworking joints, these towers and trays can hold up to bumps and tumbles. The wood glue I use is among the toughest available. These also do not use any magnets or “non-traditional” fasteners that can be defeated by a rogue elbow.
2. Built for travel: At around 6 and half inches tall, these are smaller than most dice towers on the market. These take up very little space, and can easily be tucked away in a bag or purse. The Dryad Tower also isn’t so big that you can’t see your friends or battlemap.
3. Durable and Perfect for Metal Dice: In addition to the tough construction of the Dryad Tower & Tray, it is also finished with an incredibly durable oil-urethane blend. The finish has resins that penetrate the wood fibers and harden. The finish looks and feels great. Oh, and it’s totally safe to roll metal dice in these!”

Baby Bestiary Presents: Reprint + Digital goodies
If you missed the first Baby Bestiary, this might be your lucky month; they are doing a reprint, with added digital goodies – our 5e gamers may like that.
As they say; “The Baby Bestiary is an award-winning, systemless art and lore book, that teaches its readers how creatures reproduce, how to care for its egg (if they lay eggs) and how to rear one if you are bold enough to try.
The book has no stats or charts, leaving it as an amazing coffee-table book that can truly be appreciated by any gamer, no matter what you play. If you’re an avid gamer, there is plenty of information that a crafty GM can make workable into their campaign (and if you’re playing 5e, you’re in luck, see the digital goodies).”

Ryan Wolfe Presents: 0-hr: Starship Maps and miniatures
So, for those of us playing space-based campaigns, there’s one thing we almost inevitably need ships, and finding good space ship miniatures seems to be tricky, at best.
This guy has not only ship models, but poster maps – nice-looking poster maps – for a short time more – and when I say a ‘short time’, I mean, as of this posting, they’re nearing the 48 hour mark. I apologise for the short notice. ^^;

Philip Hynes Presents: Bears Head Miniatures – Wilderness Encounters
I can’t be the only GM who occasionally runs a wilderness encounter and comes up empty-handed when it comes to needing a few regular animals, can I? Or having to set a stand-in down for the herd of deer I summoned…
This may help fill in those gaps. In the creator’s own words: “Hello, My name is Philip Hynes, I’m a miniature sculptor and I have been working on a selection of Wilderness Encounters Miniatures for my fledgling Bears Head Miniatures company. They’re drawn from subjects I adore and I enjoy making. Hopefully you’ll find some amongst them that will appeal to you too. They’re initially designed for a fantasy RPG setting, but they may also work in a nature themed army or decoration, once painted.
The humanoid miniatures are 28mm scale, with the animals made to suit that size. All miniatures are supplied with a round plastic slotta base or flying base if appropriate. There is also plans for stretch goal resin scenic bases for some of the beasts, should they become unlocked.”
These are some nice sculpts. Knowing a little about the molding process, I’ll warn you all that the actual miniatures may look a little different, depending on what needs to be done to get them into full production. But those initial sculpts… those are very tempting.