Cruvis is currently looking for one player to join his 5e game, Swords of Justice. This game has been running for 15 years. He is in need of a player who is cool with the pace, reading, and writing involved.

He is willing to accept new character concepts into the story at this time. On the other hand, if a pre-made character is more convenient for you. Here are some pre-built legacy characters you can “adopt”. Note that these characters are generally better equipped (including a legacy magic item) than characters that are newly adapted/accepted into the story.

There are a few options for which character to bring in:
1. Michel du Beauchamp – level 7 human paladin of devotion
2. Groogar – level 7 half-orc cleric of Kossuth
3. “Ellovwen” Chartreuse de Winter – level 7 human swashbuckler or fighter (open to meddling)
4. Kip – level 7 human druid (circle of the land)