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GM’s Tip of the Week

Sorcerers; not the easiest class, but capable of surprising depth in the right hands. Even more than wizards, sorcerers are difficult to master; their fixed spell-lists and – in Pathfinder – added bloodilne powers make them powerful, but force a player to plan ahead and be far more careful with their spell choices than a wizard would.

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Site news!

Hello, fellow Portalites!
The eagle eyes amongst you have likely noted that we’ve been busy; some things have been updated, some others have been changed and we’ve got some new buttons to my left here – the shiny gold buttons will take you to various ways you can fling currency at us to help support Rondak’s Portal and keep it up and running.
Those of you asking for a return of direct Paypal links will be happy to see we’ve finally found a way to make that happen; I apologise for the long wait.
We also have the Oracle on the Portal’s main page; Andi figured out how to make that happen. Clicking on the Portal logo while logged in will return a user to that page at any time. It’s not the New!code, but it’s a small improvement that we hope will help.

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Question of Sevens

The new year approaches, the wheel of the seasons turns towards the Spring Rites. From the grip of winter, the land will soon awaken… and what will bloom with the first snowdrops ..?

Kickstarters of Note!

Hello, fellow Portalites!
Christmas has passed, and I hope you have all come out of it with your sanity more or less intact. As always, I have a whole bunch of new Kickstarters in progress for you to look at!
Mostly things I hope would be of use to those of you only running games on Rondak’s Portal, or elsewhere, but I did find some interesting things!

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A joyous Yuletide to all!

Whether you all celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the solstice or any of the other celebrations of light in the world that are going on this year, we at Rondak’s Portal would like to wish a joyous Yuletide to all.

Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of spells like Phantom Chariot. They can substantially cut travel time , compared to walking. Magic can also eliminate the need to carry supplies (though having some iron rations on hand is recommended regardless), shelter (though again, having a tent for emergencies is a good idea) and various other details of travel.

GM’s Tip of the Week.

Hello, fellow Portalites!

I’m still taking a shot at classes, picking them apart for you guys. This week, it’s rogues, those loveable pains in every paladin’s butt… or, as some prefer to be called, ‘specialists in property transfer’ … and most of them get immediately saddled with trapfinding, or backstabbing, but really, there’s so much more for a clever player or GM to take advantage of. And that’s just in one system! As always, we welcome commentary; anyone with experience playing rogues in other systems should feel free to speak up!

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Question of Sevens

Happy Solstice, everyone!

The morning of the Winter Solstice dawns bright and clear,  sunlight mottling the pristine fields of snow. The night before is dim in the minds eye, and even the serenity of the chill air seems somehow charged….

Looking for Players: Swords of Justice (5e)

Cruvis is currently looking for one player to join his 5e game, Swords of Justice. This game has been running for 15 years. He is in need of a player who is cool with the pace, reading, and writing involved.

He is willing to accept new character concepts into the story at this time. On the other hand, if a pre-made character is more convenient for you. Here are some pre-built legacy characters you can “adopt”. Note that these characters are generally better equipped (including a legacy magic item) than characters that are newly adapted/accepted into the story.

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Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Branching out from generic tips a little, sometimes, one has to smuggle things. Thinking outside the box is a great help in that. For example, to smuggle information, consider what all is data storage. Protein chains, DNA, the sequence of monomeres in a polymer chain all can be used to encode data, and not just the kind of information those things usually encode. Similarly, physical contraband material can be hidden in plain sight, for example pressed into freight pallettes…

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