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Month: November 2017

Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Echoing Sylverthorne, these are getting decidedly harder to write.

Wielding power is one hell of a temptation. There are few problems a properly prepared wizard or cleric cannot solve. The issue is, of course, being that degree of prepared – and being mindful of how one uses power. Excessive demonstrations draw attention, and it rarely is the good kind of attention. More likely, the attention drawn is an expectation that power will be used to solve minor problems, along with attracting competing wielders.

GM’s Tip of the Week

I’mma be honest, these are getting increasingly hard to write; my own experience is not so broad I can easily mine it for helpful tidbits for everyone else. However, I’m not up to kitty memes yet!
Player-driven campaigning for fun and giggles. Working on the assumption that you have a group that is into character backgrounds and giving the GM a bunch of useful hooks, of course.
Because when all else fails, your players will, almost always, get their characters in more and hotter water than you ever will, actually read those histories. Talk to your players. Get them talking about their characters, and take notes. Take a lot of notes. If you’re working in a specific setting, take more notes, because you might have to tweak something to make something else work.
You’ll probably be working on this for months ahead of start date, so be sure to have something else going on at the same time. But keep them talking. Get them involved. Because they will tell you what they want, you just have to listen.

Gaming News And Randomness

Not news, but I was not aware of this: Cubicle 7 currently has the license to publish a Lone Wolf RPG, and one is in fact available.

Related to this, and news: Cubicle 7 announced a full campaign / adventure path set in Magnamund.

Not-so-happy news: Apparently, Frog God Games’ owner / CEO Bill Webb got himself removed from PaizoCon 2017 for drunk and disorderly conduct. The reason I treat this as notable is that there seems to have been a sexually charged component to his behavior, though all involved (including the victim) agreed to keep this silent. As far as I can tell, FGG is in contact with the victim and doing their best to make amends.

Not tabletop-RPG related, if anyone is looking for a way to spend entirely too damn much time on one hell of a story, check out Nihon Falcom’s Kiseki series, partially localized by XSeed Games as “Trails”.¬† Handle with caution, that reality is surprisingly addictive.

Finally, have a random filk link.

Kickstarters of Note

Hey, guys.

We’re pretty well back in the swing of things. Half the team is ill or recovering, but we’re still at it. Found some good stuff for you to look at, at least, I hope it’s good stuff. Check it out past the cut!

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