Hey, fellow Portalites!
I’d like to take a moment to remind everybody that submissions to the Oracle are always welcome; any of the things you see posted are open for submissions, and we’re certainly interested in any suggestions you guys might have for other content.
Also, we’re happy to post ads for games, either looking for players, or players
looking for a game; in addition to any forum threads people might have started.
Anyone who wants to start a game and isn’t quite sure how to do it should probably check out our Guide to World Building on the Portal for starting a game, following the guide lines means a game gets approved fast.
The new code writing is proceeding apace; which is to say that Andi is writing it as fast as he can, when he can.
We’re still looking for a new co-lo home for the Portal. I’m sure we’re not the only ones tired of irregular outages by way of a flaky Internet provider. Finding a home for the Portal that isn’t going to require us to make some unpleasant changes is proving difficult, given our needs and Andi’s high standards, but we are looking.
As always, if you guys want to help, and have the spare pennies, our Patreon is wide open, and the help is always appreciated, even if all you can spare is a couple of bucks here or there. If you’d rather run a one-time donation, I am looking into a Paypal-direct link, and have put up a Ko-Fi button, for those using Ko-Fi who’d like to help.