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Gaming News

Things that caught my eye over the past few weeks:

  • Harmony Gold is resuming their legal crusade against BattleTech. You’d think after 20 years and a full rework of the “Unseen”, there would no longer be a case…
  • Catalyst are building a deckbuilding game on the D&D license. Dragonfire is supposed to be in game stores in September, and in general distribution (read, Amazon) by December.
  • Playing RPGs can apparently get a citation for illegal gambling in some jurisdictions – people see dice and assume.
  • The Dark Eye is starting to get sourcebooks on Aventuria – up next, Warring Kingdoms
  • There is also a full campaign in translation, with two out of six adventures released. Not quite as substantial in terms of page count as Paizo’s AP releases, but the TDE ones only contain the adventure, without the world-building content.
  • Coriolis – The Third Horizon is out. Looks like an interesting space-opera type RPG, set in a world that very much feels like Arabian Nights in space.

Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

While there is a certain satisfaction in self-sufficiency and independence, when you are out in the sticks (or worse, deep in hostile territory), there is something to be said for strength in numbers. Not everyone needs to be able to do everything (badly), but tasks can be split to the subject matter experts; one does not need to keep watch in every direction, people can watch each other’s backs. There is input from a variety of viewpoints. As a parallel thought, group composition matters, but that is a bit of advice for a different day.

GM’s Tip of the Week

Cruvis has written a series of GM’s Tips: Ten Things Every DM Should Know About Running a Play-By-Post Adventure, and is sharing them with us as a guest blogger! Please direct questions, commentary and kudos to him.

This week’s tip is Critical Mass and Recruitment

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Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Efficient Quivers do not work only for arrows. The arrow compartment can hold wands, the bow compartment can hold staves, and the javelin compartment can hold rods. In a similar vein, spells like Treasure Stitching can be used to smuggle contraband, and feather tokens have been known to double as impromptu obstacles. Find creative uses for equipment.

Query of Sevens

When in doubt, blame the witch; so everyone says. But when the plains are full of giant spiders – you have seen horses and cattle dragged down with your own eyes – and there are no witches to blame, what then?

A hero succeeds at a purge, at cost of their life, without ever finding – or sharing – the cause. To this day, a mystery remains.. how, why, and who was really responsible?

GM’s Tip of the Week

Hello, fellow Portalites.

Cruvis is out this week, on account of vacation; so I’m going to cover a Portal tip for GMs that I hope will be helpful to everyone. I’m going to cover using images!

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Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Summoned creatures are your friends. This could be quite literal in some settings or with some GMs, where a caster summoning the same creature type will always call upon the same creature, or metaphorical in others – but either way, they are wonderful for support and force multiplication. A summoned creature can shore up that weak flank, provide magical assistance, act as scout or decoy (though if you generally get the same summons, make sure they are on board with the idea.) A clever conjurer with a good relationship with his summons is a frightening enemy – sapient ones will themselves go above and beyond for a friend, with minimal supervision.

Question of Sevens

The depths of the forest are dark and full of mysteries to all but you. Where others see frightening monsters, ominious shadows or worse, you see more. Shelter. Safety. Solitude… and sometimes, sanity are all there for a wanderer who seeks the comfort of human companionship only rarely….

Kickstarter Bi-weekly!

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the first Kickstarter post of the month! I have… rulebooks! Dice! 3d printers! Miniatures! Kobold Press! The Dark Eye!

A lot of goodies, this week, in short. Check them out. Back some of them. Back none of them. Get wild and back them all. Tell your friends! In the meantime; click through to see what I found!

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GM’s Tip of the Week

Cruvis has written a series of GM’s Tips: Ten Things Every DM Should Know About Running a Play-By-Post Adventure, and is sharing them with us as a guest blogger! Please direct questions, commentary and kudos to him.

This week’s tip is: Consistency, Pace, and the Gentle Nudge.

The ideal pace for an online adventure may vary greatly, but I have found that two posts from the DM per week is a manageable rate. This is assuming that the players are filling out your “off days” with their own in-character posts: rich dialogue, shared problem-solving, and decisive actions. These three elements will come up repeatedly in the coming weeks .

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