Terrain! 3d printers! Maps!  I also have it on good authority that there is another Zombicide expansion live, and Dwarven Forge hit the go button for DF5 – more Dungeon! – a couple of weeks ago. So don’t think that because I don’t link it, that it isn’t happening! As always, please feel free to mention other Kickstarters of note in the comments.

Norba Miniatures Presents: Scenography for Wargames.
Terrain! Ye gods, the terrain.

Mike Shley Presents: Shleyscapes RPG supplement
Maps. Lots of them.

Robotic Industries LLC Presents: BuildOne 3d Printer
The base unit is about $99; goes up from there. This looks like a good deal, for someone looking to break into 3d printing; higher tiers offer useful addons, and it looks capable of printing 2×2 tiles from an assortment of sources.