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Question of Sevens

We’re a little late this week, due to Convention Brains; we beg your indulgence as we recover from the AWESOME! that was PaizoCon.

As an asteroid miner, you have struck the find of a lifetime. A find that could quite easily set you up for life, unless it falls into the wrong hands. What wondrous treasure have you stumbled upon? What horrible calamity might result from it falling into the wrong hands?



Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

A propos of Starfinder, be sure you have defenses against the environments you are expecting. Whether that is subarctic temperatures, vacuum or a radiation storm, I cannot stress this enough: Preparation is what helps an adventurer survive.

Gaming News

Concentrating o nPathfinder today, because PaizoCon.

  • Paizo is branching out. Apparently, there is a license out for a digital CCG, Kingmaker is being turned into a computer RPG (Baldur’s Gate style), Pathfinder Online is still running
  • Branching in a different direction, details about Starfinder were announced. System plays, as far as I could tell, like Pathfinder, most of the mechanics are compatible. Setting put me in mind of the last arc of Valerian and Laureline – Golarion is gone. A giant space station remains.
  • The adventure card game is being paused for at least a year, more likely two, while Paizo figures out a better model for the product. The current slew of giant boxes and add-ons was getting ridiculous.
  • Next Adventure Path, starting at GenCon, will be Ruins of Azlant. About time we learn something about that part of the world.

Kickstarter Bi-monthly

Not so many good offerings from Kickstarter this go ’round, we have only two for you today. Still .. check out the shiny. And remember to keep a peeled eye for Bones IV, Dwarven Forge V, and … apparently there is another Zombicide expansion? I don’t even know. But those are up-coming, and these are happening right now.

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GM’s Tip of the Week

Read everything.

I don’t say that just to be funny, but in all seriousness; you never know when a piece of information might come up handy. History. Science. Fiction of all kinds. Read everything you can find on every subject that might possibly come up. Your stories, and your player’s stories, will benefit. Read poetry, song lyrics, art books. Get lost in the depths of Wikipedia. Visit your local library. Visit a few museums; see some history in person. Read books on military history, cook books, instruction manuals on everything from butchering to weaving to architecture.

Gaming is a strange hobby; having a broad education makes it more interesting for all involved.

Query of Sevens

Winter’s chill comes early to the silvered plains, bringing famine and hardship to the residents. Great white beasts with shining hooves and great black palmate antlers come with the cold, trampling hunter and gatherer alike.

What has caused this unseasonal freeze?

Is it weal or woe?

Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Diversify. In some cases, being a one-trick pony is all right (a melee fighter hits things, it’s what he does), but even a character like that should have some backup capabilities in case they are needed. For naturally more diverse archetypes, going down a single rabbit hole is usually bad. I am always reminded of the fire mage who had nothing else, and her experience with flame-retardant enemies.

Gaming News

  • Another entry in the Arcane Academy type of setting popularized by Harry Potter: Scarthey is a campaign setting for D&D5 and Pathfinder centering around the adventures of student and staff at the eponymous school.
  • N.E.W. – The SciFi RPG is getting a cousin: O.L.D. – The Fantasy RPG is seeing publication. I haven’t experimented with either system yet, but would welcome input
  • FATE is getting a new superhero setting, based on the Wearing the Cape novels. Can’t say much about it, but they got the author to head development of the game.
  • 7th Sea is still out there, and in its 2nd edition. A new sourcebook is out covering the west of Theah.
  • Shadowrun 5th edition expands its magic system –

Game of the Month – Deadlands

So, Deadlands. Interesting system – uses playing cards for stat generation and some game systems (magic comes to mind).

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GM Tip of the Week

Minatures. Very few words strike fear into the hearts of GMs like that one can.

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