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Month: April 2017

Kickstarter Monthly

Hello, fellow gamers! Here’s your monthly (soon to be bi-monthly, because dangit, some of these go fast!), kickstarter list.

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GM’s Tip of the Week

Keeping information separated. It’s tricky to do as a GM; not only keeping information separate but keeping it threaded. Who knows what, where they learned it from – it’s enough to make anybody tear their hair out … but you also have to figure out how to pass specific pieces of information along, sometimes to specific players without anyone else catching on.

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Gaming News

  • Rumor has it WotC is having someone work on a movie script. Dragonlance, or so one hears?
  • The World of Darkness is confusing… there seem to be three distinct timelines out there (20th anniversary edition, Chronicles of Darkness and Mind’s Eye Theater), and apparently, the new White Wolf still has some rights to move that reality forward in their own direction… this sounds worse than the setting licenses originally from TSR the day after D&D4e was announced. Either way, apparently, a new White Wolf-published Vampire RPG is on the horizon. (link)

That’s all I have this week…

Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Bring booze. Lots of booze. For one, when in doubt, you are NOT drunk enough for this. For another, high-proof spirits are extremely useful as disinfectant, firestarter, solvent, cleaning agent…

Question of Sevens

The elegant lawn spreads out, visibility clear to the manor wall and its ancient ivy facade, without a threat to be seen. So .. what killed the poor fool who’s contorted corpse is visible near the foot of that self-same wall?

Server Hardware – Finally Some Good News

I got the new mainboard in last week, and another missing part (CPU cooler, for a new mounting backplate) yesterday. Put the thing together earlier today, and lo and behold, the system boots up. Looks to be in about the state I expected it to be in, which is to say, much work needs to be done. Next step is to restore the OS and see how much of the VMs I can reuse.

GM Tip of the Week

For a GM running a VoIP, play by post or other virtual table-top game, there’s nothing more valuable than a good map.
And for many people, nothing harder than building one.

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Good news everyone! The sli-

No, no slime here. Just a little progress report from the web-design front…

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