Because I had a perfect excuse to run another Kickstarter post this  week, here you go! Mostly miniatures, all pretty tempting.

The Significant Seven

Dwarves! Animals! Hareballs… the vorpal bunny had bunnies. Whoopsie… Surely I’m not the only one who uses adorable things to spell certain death for some hapless characters…


Fauns! Some male, some female. Bits and Pieces! Sold army-style, but the pictures are promising, and how can you have too many fauns?

Dark Sword Miniatures: Stephanie Lawton Masterworks

I .. am drooling, and I admit it. But. Less of the usual old guy with beards to their knees tropes for druids and wizards here, and Dark Sword makes some beautiful miniatures.
Dark Sword is known for some fast turn around; well worth looking into.

Bones IV is coming soon; keep your eyes on Reaper Miniatures for the next round of indestructible plastic minis! (seriously, they’re practically impossible to kill; I’ve seen these things dropped and STEPPED ON and they were fine).