Rondak’s Portal has been advertising! Before I go any further, I want to reassure everybody that there will never be ads displayed on Rondak’s Portal. Here in the newsletter, maybe, but never on the Portal itself; that’s a promise.

That doesn’t prevent us from creating and running ads, and we’ve been doing that via Project Wonderful. We’ve seen some new faces, and some new games, and I’d like to encourage that trend!
You guys can help with that, if you want to. Invite your friends. Print out some of our promotional materials and scatter them around billboards or your FLGS or library. Be sure to get permission first.
Frequent a gaming forum? Ask the moderators if it would be alright for you to put a link to the Portal in your signature.

We intend to continue with the ad campaign as we can, and hope it continues to bring in new faces.


Server News
Server news is largely ‘still looking’; sadly our tech shaman has been unable to find suitable ritual space … so to speak. However, the server is working and ready to go out, as soon as a location can be found for it.

Still accepted! We still would like to have a backup ready and running in case of outages, and basic costs are still what they are. Can’t give much? That’s okay; the cost of a cup of coffee (or a fancy latte!) is more than enough, if that’s all you’ve got to spare.
The rule of donating remains simple; if you don’t have it, you don’t have it.
Portal Previews
I’d like to set up a series of screenshots of Rondak’s Portal, showing samples of what a prospective Portalite actually gets with membership. I would like to do this with currently running games, showing snapshots of posts, maps, character sheets – from both sides of the screen – and other appropriate peeks into the inner workings.
If anyone would like to help, please send me a Cit. Message. If your game can be lurked, so much the better, but it doesn’t have to be, as long as the intended glimpses are clean and g-rated.

Hall of Heroes/Rondak’s Choice Awards
I would like to see these starting to be a thing again. Get some new material up, some new faces, showcase some active games.
Know someone running a game that’s been running at least a year? Tell the CoT! You might ask your GM first; unless you mean to surprise them with how awesome you think they are.
Have a character you’d like to see in the Hall of Heroes? Send a Cit. Message to Darras, or a mail to the Circle of Ten.


Have a suggestion? Tell us! We’re interested. Have a problem? Tell us that too; we can’t fix things if we don’t know they’re broken.