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Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Being careful goes a long way – but traps are unlikely to be in high-traffic areas. That door to the mess hall probably is not trapped, and neither are the ways from the barracks there. On the other hand, the places the owners of the dungeon want to protect? Those will be heavily trapped. Expect the door to the treasure chamber to  try to kill you…

GM’s Tip of the Week

This is another general sort of tip that applies as easily to playing games as running them.

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Game Looking for Players: Shipwrecked Skies

A port city isn’t a boring place at the best of times. Tonight, sore and weary from your labors, boring is all you hope for. Passing the docks as the sun drifts downward, allowing the night to spread her cloak of stars over the city, a muffled cry of pain suggests that this particular night is going to be all of the wrong kinds of exciting…

Shipwrecked Skies is a Pathfinder game on Rondak’s Portal, looking for players. Come check it out!

Question of Sevens

Every five hundred years the blue comet is visible for three days, shining so brightly that it is even visible during the day.

Is it a sign of good fortune, or great calamity?

RPG News

  • WotC seems to be teasing about Planescape (Update 2017-03-29: specifically, the re-release of the Planescape: Torment computer RPG…)
  • There is an officially licensed character builder system in development for D&D5 – no link as yet, but apparently, the license went to Curse gaming, of all places.
  • Chaosium appears to be branching out with Call of Cthulhu – there is a sourcebook setting the game in the middle of the Cold War.
  • Seen in our FLGS – Rifts and compatible systems are still in print. This truly was news to me.

Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Adapted from an off-world strategist and philosopher of warfare:  Leaving an enemy without the option to retreat, surrender or negotiate virtually ensures there will be a fight to the last. These tend to be costly.

GM’s Tip of the Week

This is less a GM’s tip and more of a Hosting tip; assuming you have a live group and you’re not meeting at a gaming store. Feeding hungry gamers is tricky!

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Question of Sevens

Warp Core Breach!

Your star-faring vessel has had something important break down and you’re deep in hostile territory! What happened, why are you here, and who’s about to show up and threaten to blow a new hole in your tiny ship?

Server News – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good – nothing to report. Main server is still inoperable, I still think it is fixable.

The bad – Any attempt at repair will be delayed by at least a week, due to manufacturer stupidity.

The ugly – Got the new mainboard in yesterday. Was planning on spending part of my week off work fixing up the Portal server and getting it ready to return into colo. Turns out the mainboard they shipped me was factory-defective, it is impossible to install a CPU cooler on it. And they don’t do replacements, let alone cross-ship – I have to return for a refund, then purchase a new one. Delays…

Game Looking for Players: Fortress of Kahlilahd: Chapter 2

Aldrusian is still looking for at least two more players for his AD&D 3.5e game, Fortress of Kahlilahd, Chapter 2: Shield of Arith Krahl.

In his words:

” King Jereld, the Great Overlord of all the lands between the Misted Mountains and the Wasted Hills of Kreg, has gathered you to perform a service. His son has been kidnapped and with him was stolen a certain crystal that is beyond value.

It is known for certain that the kidnapper is a high level evil wizard named Kahlilahd, the Devourer of Souls and he has taken residence in a mountain stronghold known as the Fortress of Ultimate Terror. It has been said that in this awful place he holds court with demons and other dwellers of the lower planes. It is also rumored that the Fortress is protected by many fearsome creatures and fiendish traps.

The King wishes you to return his son and the Crystal and will allow you to keep any other treasures which you happen to unearth. He will provide you with all the provisions and mundane equipment you need as well as transportation and an armed guard who will accompany you to the Fortress and await your return nearby.”


Come check it out on Rondak’s Portal!

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