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Month: February 2017

Question of Sevens

Your castle is under attack! Who’s attacking, and what kind of defenses are they likely to find waiting for them?

Game Master’s Tips and Tricks

Everybody knows running a game can be hell. Here’s something you can do to make it a little less of a headache.


Communicate! Talk to your group. Listen when they talk. This can solve a lot of problems before they break a group, and it usually improves the whole experience.
This is doubly true for a slow-paced play-by-post game, where a combat round can take a month or more to resolve. Talk to your players, make sure they know they can come to you with concerns.

Tabletop Adventures: BattleTech

A few weeks ago, Sylverthorne and I had the chance to play the current edition of BattleTech. For those of you not familiar, BattleTech is a wargame played on a hex grid; it is a reasonably ‘hard’ science-fiction game simulating combat between BattleMechs and their various support units. We played using only the rules in Total Warfare, which represents the basic rules of the game, using a pregenerated ‘Mech star each.

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Kickstarter Monthly

Hello, fellow Portalites!
Today, we’re bringing you a look at some Kickstarters going by that we found interesting, and that we thought you might find noteworthy.

Some of them are across the great moat, so bear that in mind if you choose to back them yourself.

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Wudinar’s Adventuring Tips

Watch your surroundings. A clear dungeon floor can herald as much danger as one that is overgrown and cluttered.

The Beginning of Everything

Welcome to Rondak’s personal Oracle. You’ll find news, information and fun tidbits courtesy of the staff and regulars of Rondak’s Portal, one of the oldest play-by-post gaming sites on the internet.

Eventually, there will be gaming news, Rondak’s Choice awards, guest blogs, tips and tricks, system reviews and the occasional technical commentary from Rondak’s Portal tech-shamans.

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